”40 Ways to Manage a Woman”



 Relationships today are hitting the rock, crashing down beyond repair because of what the society calls “irreconcilable differences” . Whereas, in the creator’s record, there’s nothing of such. This failures can be attributed to a number of factor, do you know,  when you lack the know-how of how certain things operate, you will  sure  abuse it. Ultimately, You might not get the best out of it. This speaks about knowledge.   Knowledge is safety and gives absolute peace when at work, knowledge failure is deadly!

Proverbs 19 : 2 Desire without knowledge is not good ; how much more will hasty feet miss the way

         Clearly stated in the text above, every desire not fuel by knowledge is not good,  zero knowledge is safer than partial knowledge, you must be equip with knowledge. Knowledge is acquired through diligent and intelligent study of subject matter of endeavor. 

  “Many are the plans in a man’s heart,but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”(Prov.19:21).  Many are the plans , the opinions, the doctrines, and the concepts that are in our hearts but it is God’s purpose that counts. When we rely on our own understanding of our purposes, we run into Difficulty. Yet when we understand God’s purpose for us, we can address the needs that come with those purposes. In this way, we can live a fulfilled Life. Therefore there’s need to understand what the Father had in mind at the making when he made Woman; “Now, the Lord said, it is not good(sufficient,satisfactory) that the man should be alone, I will make him a helper(suitable,adapted,complementary) for him”(Gen.2:18).

The Make Up of a Woman

The dictionary defines a woman as the female human being, an adult female person.

Women were not created as an afterthought, she is an integral part of God’s plan in creation. Women were intentionally reserved for the appropriate time; God didn’t make women just to fill a space as figurehead! No! He made them to fit in because they are the best, most suitable for the position. Therefore, I would like to define women as special beings made in special ways endowed with special abilities given by God. In other words, women are God’s special gift to men. At such He designed and built her with particular care. Her uniqueness is a reflection of God’s purpose and design for her. In God’s order of Creation, we need one another to survive . It is important to note that God is a purposeful being. He plans,and then He carries out His plans. God always knew what He wanted to create before He made it;similarly, He always knows what He wants to carry out before He accomplishes it.

“And the rib or part of his side which the lord God has taken from the Man. he built up and made into a woman,and He brought her to the Man. Then Adam said, this is now the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh;she shall be called Woman,because she was taken out of a Man”.Gen 1:22-23(AMP)

The Word ‘rib’ in our text is the Hebrew word Tsela. It does not necessarily mean a rib as we Understand the word. It could mean ‘side or chamber’. In any event, the Scripture is telling us that God drew the Woman from a part of the man. The reason is because the receiver has to be exactly like the giver. Just as a Man needed Spirit in order to receive Love from Him and be in relationship with Him. God took exactly what was needed from the male to make an exact replica, and He created the Woman. Od tool the woman out of the man and built her;God built her by multiplying cells that he had taken from the Man, similar to what happens in the womb after a fertilised egg is implanted therein. The cells begin to multiply and a new human being begins to be constructed.

So,there was this beautiful structuring in the creation of woman. When God had finished making her,she was exactly like the Man. She was so much in likeness to him that when God presented her to the Man,his first words were; “This is the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh,she shall be called ‘woman’ ,for she was taken out of man”. The man’s words are both beautiful and instructive. Something that is built has the same components as the material from which it is made or from which it comes. Therefore, God built the female out of the part that He took from the male so that they would be made of exactly the same substance.

     In God’s design of creation, because the female came from the male,the Male is essentially the giver and the female is essentially the receiver. If you look at the way the female body is made,she is a receiver from A – Z. Her receiving complements the males giving. Though the woman was taken from the Man and was built to be like Him,she is a distinct creation. This is highlighted in her physical difference from the Man in that she is able to bear Children. You could say that a woman is a “wombed Man”. She is a man with a womb.

Women have a tremendous ability to allow things. This is entirely as a result of the fall; rather it is actually a reflection of their Creation in God’s image. The Bible says that God is long-suffering,this means that He allows things for a long time;He is patient with people, waiting for them to change their behavior. He permits things to go on for a long time. But He’s only Long-suffering. His not forever-suffering. There comes a time when God stops and says That’s it.

A woman is made up of some basic components;an understanding of these  components will enhance a better relationship.

Component 1:

Women as an Enhancer

God always tells you why He makes something before He makes it. 2 vs 18. The woman was created as an Enhancer in order to be a companion for the Male so that he wont be alone. God made the female so that the man would have this other self to share with, someone to give to, someone to share his vision with, someone to be a part of his life. She is his life companion. Everything that the female has -her talents,gifts,expertise, experience and education was given to help the male fulfil God’s vision.

The woman is an Enhancer by being a Man’s companion, being good for him, sharing his vision, being his helper and being adaptable to him.

Component 2:

The Woman as Reflector

The parallels between the creation of the Spirit-Man and the creation of the female have significance for our personal relationships with the Lord and also our representation of the Love of Christ to the world.

When God made woman, He drew her out of a man so that man would have someone to love who was of his own nature. It was Love that brought about the woman’s existence. In this way, the man was created to be the giver of love. God has designed the woman to function on Love; so by default, women are love-beings. Love is the fuel of a female. When you dont give a car fuel,it can’t run. The same thing happens with a Woman;if you don’t give her the Love is is meant to receive,she also can’t fully function in the way she was created to. In order to be fulfilled,the woman needs Love.

It is interesting to note that nowhere in the Bible does God tell the woman to love the man. The woman is instructed to submit to the Man, to Respect and to honor him,yet God commands the man over and over again to love the woman. Why? It is because the fall damaged the male’s God-given natural love for the female,so that he wants to rule over her rather than to love her as himself. This is why, as the male is being restored to God’s original design through redemption in Christ,he needs to be instructed to love the woman. When you give a woman the love she needs, she will function properly, because she was born to be loved. A woman will reflect the love or lack of love she receives. When she is loved, she is better able to live a life of peace and joy, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. When she is involved, it is as if there is a weight on her heart. Listen; any man who violates a woman’s need for love is misusing and abusing God’s purpose for the woman-(Col 3:19).

Component 3:

The Woman as Life-Giver.

The woman is essentially a life-giver. She was given the ability to receive the seed of the male and to reproduce after their kind. Since God created the woman’s gestational ability as an integral part of her nature, this ability permeates all areas of her life. She has a physical womb,but she also has an emotional”womb”, a mental and instinctual”womb” and a spiritual “womb”. She brings forth in all there areas of her make-up. Everything about her is a womb,she receives things into herself, nurtures them until they mature and then gives them back in fully developed form.

A womb will never give back to you just what it has received. It will always take what you have given it and multiply it. When a woman receives an idea and incubates it,it becomes something greater, something bigger,stronger and more dynamic. A woman is created with many creative abilities that can assist her loved ones, herself and the World.

You could say that the woman is an entire research and development department all in one. In this, she reflects the nature of her creator “who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were” (Rom 4:17).

Just as God created man out of Himself, a woman brings forth New Life from within herself.

I see God breathing upon the heart of every readers, healing and mending broken relationships, giving life to dead homes and correcting mindsets in Jesus name(Amen).

Practical Ways on How a man can  manage a Woman.

        Women are a complex entity yet the sweetest and most beautiful of God’s creatures.Every man needs to identify ways to relate with a woman in order to have peaceful and healthy relationships.

Nugget #1

Consult her manual which is God in order to know the details about her type and brand because every product differs.

Nobody knows how something is supposed to function better than its maker. The best way for us to make progress in our relationship is to go back to the beginning to see what was in the Mind and heart of the Creator when He made Humanity. Knowing our original design and inherent make up is the only way to bring about lasting,positive change in the way men and women interact with one another in all the realms of life. The nature of the woman must be understood in light of her purpose, and her needs must be understood in light of her nature. Otherwise, she will be unable to fulfil the purpose for which she was created.

Nugget #2

Take time to Study Her.

We have been trying to function without understanding of addressing the other’s individual needs. We have been trying to operate based on what we need. That’s why many relationships are at a standstill. We assume that a man needs what a woman needs and a woman needs what a man needs. In many ways, this is not the case. The differences are so great they will astound you. Suppose Rice is your favorite food, can you imagine trying to feed a plant with a plateful of rice? You enjoy Rice but the plant can’t take it in or digest it. To grow plants, you must understand that they need absorbable nutrients, water and light. The same basic principles applies to men and women. We must come to Understand the purpose of all the elements related to the function and design of men and women. Otherwise, we will be continually frustrated in our relationships.

Nugget 3:

Understand and respect her for who she is:

It is important to note that a man will always attract his kind. Gof does not always give us what we want but what we need.  Having this understanding or being conscious of this fact helps us to understand that we are made based on our purpose. That is, God made you different because of the purpose he had in mind for you, the same is true for everyone else; we run into trouble when we try to change people into what we are. This often happens when people get married, people try to make their spouses think and behave as they do. You are You and She is She! You need to understand that person is already made. God made us different because of what we are designed to do. That means your woman is the way she is because of why she is. No one can alter God’s purposes. We can try to change God’s purposes but they will always remain the same. If you are going to deal with a female, you just find out what God wanted when he made females, otherwise you are going to be handling something you don’t understand. See your differences as complementary, celebrate her uniqueness as well as her individuality as God has made her.

Nugget 4

Be familiar with her

The Word “familiar” means to be well-acquainted. You can only make good use of a product you’ve studied. So, in order to have a peaceful relationship with a woman, pay attention to everything about her, her style of dressing, way of talking, sound of her laughter etc. Familiarity breeds openness. In being familiar with her, be aware of details of happenings in her life. Be able to pick out her fragrance even In the midst of crowd.

Nugget 5

Be responsible

Be willing to take responsibility for your actions, most times, men love to hide behind God so that they don’t have to accept the responsibility of face to face relationships like saying sorry when they are wrong etc. Our reluctance to deal honestly and directly with other people is the reason why there are so many problems in relationships. We need to clearly understand what God’s word days about the value of women, so that we have no excuse for not mending our broken relationships. Honor Your woman and do right to her, not only because you love her and because of who she is but because of your relationship with God. Do not shy away from responsibility!

Nugget 6

Do not act as Mr. Perfect

Listen bro, a woman doesn’t necessarily want someone who has every step of his life pre-planned, she wants someone with a drive, a purpose and a vision. Being a string man who is also compassionate and kind always commands respect. Being strong isn’t necessarily measure by muscles, it is also measured by character, intelligence and integrity. Relationship is all about two imperfect persons who trust solely on the perfect God.

Nugget 7

Appreciate her efforts

There is nothing as nice as someone recognising and commending your efforts. Do not wait r her to do bigger things, appreciate the little efforts she put into the relationship, appreciate her looks, her hair, her dressing, say good things to her. Women are moved by what they hear, appreciating her won’t subtract anything from you rather you’ll earn more respect.

Nugget 8

Use wise words

Words are powerful and creative, therefore it should be used wisely. Men need to be careful on what they feed women because it will come back to them and in a new, stronger form. Whatever you have been giving a female, you will receive back . It will have grown and developed into something you didn’t expect. Suppose a man tells his wife during a heated argument, I wish I had never married you! The woman becomes angry when she hears it, and she locks herself into her emotional room. The man may have said a thousand words to her during the argument, but jus that one sentence went into her heart, penetrating it just as the sperm out of millions penetrates the egg at conception. In later years, she would refer to it . Men naturally, takes care of the business at hand and then they forget about things, so he answers” what are you talking about? Yet the woman remembers the date, time, atmospheric conditions, what was there, who was there, what color of dress she was wearing and what kind of things she was doing because she incubate things. A woman forgets nothing(Isa. 49:15).

Nugget 9

Learn to make requests

Men are egocentric due to the fallen state of man, it takes a broken man to appreciate a woman. Learn to make requests nor demands. “Healthy couples tell each other what they need and what actions make them feel most loved and cared about”. Do not assume she should know or its her duty to do it. Sometimes, all you need to do is Ask. Do not always be the boss, sometimes step down from your high horse and ask for what you need. It makes a woman feel respected and valued. Ask Sir.. even when it comes to bedroom matters.. Ask!!

Nugget 10

Be a man she could fall in love with again and again

Women need to have love continually expressed to them through affectionate words and gestures. Men are basically logical and unemotional in their Outlook on life and they have a tendency of to treat women In the same manner yet because of the way women are designed, they interpret a man’s logical approach as coldness. Men need to learn how to love their wives in such a way that they can understand and receive their love. It is not enough for a man to think that he is giving a woman love, he needs to learn the ways in which she receives love. He needs to learn how women in general recognise love and how his woman in particular recognises love. Women wants constant reassurance of a man’s love. Make her smile always, be engaging and interesting, keep things New and exciting. The true beauty of a Woman comes from within(inner happiness).


Ojo Peter Korede is a strong pursuer of God, a man with an Apostolic-Revival Mandate to set the ''heart of men ablaze for God''. He is a dynamic man of God graced by the lord with multiple abilities and gifting. A crusader, Missionary, Evangelist and conference Speaker with strong burden for souls. He currently runs diverse Apostolic meeting inspired and led by the lord towards achieving the central mandate. He is the founder of Revival city christian Network Int'l and Give the gospel a voice Outreach Int'l.

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