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Below, are the links for downloading Apostle Ojo Peter Korede Audio messages.

  1. Apostle Ojo peter Korede ” Principle of Honour Part 1”


2. Apostle Ojo peter Korede ” Principal Causes of Backliding part 2″

3. Apostle Ojo peter Korede ” Principal Duty of a Man”

4. Apostle Ojo Peter korede ” Dealing with marine Kingdom Part 1”

5. Apostle Ojo peter Korede ” Principal cause of Backsliding Part 4”

6. Apostle Ojo Peter Korede ” Never Saved Part 1””%20Never%20Saved%20Part%201”.mp3

Ojo Peter Korede is a strong pursuer of God, a man with an Apostolic-Revival Mandate to set the ''heart of men ablaze for God''. He is a dynamic man of God graced by the lord with multiple abilities and gifting. A crusader, Missionary, Evangelist and conference Speaker with strong burden for souls. He currently runs diverse Apostolic meeting inspired and led by the lord towards achieving the central mandate. He is the founder of Revival city christian Network Int'l and Give the gospel a voice Outreach Int'l.

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