“How to Maintain your Deliverance”


As a means of introduction, if you understand the spiritual anatomy of a child. You’ll appreciate life more. Every child was born a fighter.

At conception, the seed released into the woman was enclosed and contained in the womb. As the seed grows in the woman, when the seed hits, the ninth month, you’ll see the baby fighting to come out… You will see, the baby committing so much effort to break forth out of the mother’s womb. God has empower every believer even from child birth to fight limitation and stagnancy.

What then is Deliverance?

Deliveranceroom means cleansing of sin through the blood, and freedom from sin through the cross, for the complete restoration of man into the original image intended by God from the beginning of the world, through sacrificial work of christ on the cross.

I am dropping this article here to share few tips on how to maintain your deliverance. Sin created a crack and permitted the invasion and possession of this demonic entity to possess as many living in sin. You must understand that alot of people get delivered but often times lost it do to lack of adquate revelation in this regards.

In Matthew 12 vs 45, The bible clearly told us, when a demon is chase out of a place, the demon becomes homeless, seeking for another habitation, failure to get one, makes the demon to resort to check up their former prey, to see, if there is a opening to re-enter and take full possession of their former prey.

Once the demon notice a crack, it could be bitterness, unforgiveness and malicious act. He will return back, but then, the demon, will get seven stronger and powerful demon to enter the man first. It is a system to preserve the lesser demon.

The bible says the later state of the man, shall be more terrible than the previous. This is the present state of alot of believers, after God delivered them, they returned back to old habits.

I will shift focus a little, permit me please, there three things that reveals, the true state of your spiritual growth. These three things is enclosed in your dream life. You must pay close attention to the pattern of your dream life, as a believer.

First. You must pay attention to the activities of things in your dream, the people you see in your dream and the role you often play in your dream.

These are the three factors, that reflect your spiritual stature in the spirit world.

Do You know?

Every demon has an animal shape in the realm of the spirit. The animal you see in your dream as a strong prophetic message. If you frequently see serpents in your dream. I will encourage, you to pay attention to what am about to share. When a person is posses with a demon, knowing fully well now, that every demon has an animal shape. Demon operates twenty four hours, meaning, when a person housing a demon, falls asleep, the demon will never go to sleep with the person.

When the human body freeze to rest at night, the spirit of that person is usually very active. The spirit leaves the carrier and posseses an animal. The constant dreams of snake, you frequently have is the serpent that left your body trying to return back from where it came out from, before possessing the body of an animal.

If you have been observant enough, the serpent will come after you alone, even when you run into the midst of crowded people, the serpent will afford others and come for you in person. The serpent wont attack others but you. He came out of you.

It a very bad dream to constantly see serpents in your dream, its indicates the following;

  1. CHRONIC DELAY ; A serpent is animal without legs, to constantly see snake in your dream means your destiny speed, progress and all has been cut off. A lady constantly seeing snake in her dreams, you will have plenty suitor, but never a husband. They will only come around for carnal pleasure and that all. You will be good looking as a lady but then marriage will be a taboo. You must be ready for serious aggressive prayer for your deliverance. You can get the prayer to address this menace on the blog.

2. Loose Mouth ; Serpent’s can’t close their mouth. When you constantly see serpents in your dream, another thing common to such people, is this, they have a very loose mouth. They cant Keep secrets of their life. They report themselves to power troubling them. At the slightest signal of breakthrough, they begin to announce themselves. They end up not getting the breakthrough. It an attack on them. They must always let it out. A closed mouth to prayer is a closed destiny, but a closed mouth to life secrets is a preserved destiny.

3. Lack of order

The movement of snake is not straight forward, it is a movement lacking order. A person constantly seeing snake, always be late for favour but be on time for evil. They are usually not a straight forward people.

4. A revelation of witchcraft involvement.

There is a class of witchcraft called the innocent witches, they are not aware, they are witches, the initiation and everything was done on their behalf. They could either be used as replacement for the departure or death of a strong member. The constant dreams only shows, you belong to a marine kingdom. Get the prayer booklet and pray aggressively.

We can only look at just one of the numerous animals satan uses to attack people in the dream.

How Do I obtain Deliverance?

  1. You must repent, deliverance begins at salvation.
  2. You must acknowledge, the fact that you need deliverance
  3. You must be ready to obey the leading of the holy ghost
  4. You must be ready to pray consistent aggressive prayers
  5. You must be ready to live a holy life

What am I expected to do, to maintain my deliverance

I will quickly show, you five among many practises you must engaged in to maintain your deliverance permanently.

  1. A commitment to reading God’s word

The first mandatory practises after experiencing deliverance is a commitment to continuous study of the word of God daily. The word will fill up those crack and opening the wicked spirit can use to gain a re-entrance!

Why must I study the word after deliverance?

  1. Builds up faith Roman 10 : 17
  2. Transforms and empowers us Roman12: 1-2
  3. The Revelations from the word put in charge
  4. The word sanctify’s John 17 :4

2. A commitment to fellowship

You must make a commitment to fellowship in a spirit filled church, where Jesus is enthroned. You must always stay around atmosphere of fire to carry fire. There is no demon, that can posses a fire brand or find expression in a fire atmosphere.

3. Commitment to Discipline

A commitment of obedience to the counsel of a spiritual cover over your life, is very crucial to maintain your deliverance. There are things you must completely do away with to avoid the repossession of this wicked demon.

A person possessed with the demon of mastubation must completely abstain from porns and erotic movie. Above all, must be willing to avoid loneliness and ungodly thoughts.


Ojo Peter Korede is a strong pursuer of God, a man with an Apostolic-Revival Mandate to set the ''heart of men ablaze for God''. He is a dynamic man of God graced by the lord with multiple abilities and gifting. A crusader, Missionary, Evangelist and conference Speaker with strong burden for souls. He currently runs diverse Apostolic meeting inspired and led by the lord towards achieving the central mandate. He is the founder of Revival city christian Network Int'l and Give the gospel a voice Outreach Int'l.

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