Lawful Captives


Lawful Captives

Marine spirits are the princes and princesses of the sea (Ezekiel 26:16). These class of demons are responsible for all the whoredomness in our world, they perpetuate the highest level of wickedness against mankind in the form of filthiness, defilements, sexual bondages, depravity, marital breakups and disillusionments. Apart  from the very visible penetration of Marine spirits in our society today in  influencing the music, fashion and film industries, these spirits also oppress people by coming to have sex with them in the dream or even claim to be married to them, resulting in what is called spiritual husband or spiritual wife. This spiritual union eventually becomes a ground for the devil to cut the victims out of their blessings in Christ and keep them in pains and suffering as explained in chapter two. In Isaiah 49: 24 – the scripture says

“Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered? But thus saith the Lord, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children. And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the Lord am thy savior and thy redeemer, the mighty one of Jacob”

Our aim in this chapter is to study how a lot of  people became  lawful captives of the Marine kingdom. I bless God Almighty, for all the preaching platforms and to be a blessing to God’s People.  These opportunities have avail me to learn about the operations of the Marine kingdom practically. I’m about sharing an explosive truth, these are not mere fallacies, they are real. To help us understand this chapter, I will start by sharing a real-life story , this will form the basis.

A few years ago, I was invited to minister at a two days power pack crusade, the first night of the crusade was very explosive, the hand of God was very heavy, delivering and healing his children of all manners of sicknesses and diseases of the devil. As the crusade was going on, the campus fellowship President ran to the podium, he requested speaking with me in a hurry, I consented, he said, “Sir, there’s an emergency that requires your presence”. I inquired to know what the emergency was. He said,” a lady came under the anointing and her manifestation was unusual, I responded “Oh,  is that the emergency, I’m sorry. I don’t do deliverance.” He was shocked, I could boldly read the expression on his face then  I said “ok, it’s fine, just try and manage the situation tonight. I will minister to her tomorrow by God’s grace.” He sighed and said Thank you sir.

The following morning, as early as 7am, I heard a knock on the door of the room, where I was lodged, I answered, who is there please, a lady responded, I requested that she gave me some minutes, upon opening the door, Lo and behold, it was the lady from the previous night. She greeted me, I responded, you are welcome sister. I was told by the president, you asked me to come this morning for prayers, oh yes, that’s true, but then what exactly is the problem? She  shared her story with me. I wouldn’t want to bore you with the story,so I will just pick the parts in line of our discussion.

She began to plead, “Pastor please help me, I don’t want to die, my birthday is in a  few days time, and they have concluded my matter in the Marine kingdom which I belong to. She went further to disclose depth upon depth, I listened patiently to her. “I’m a queen in the marine kingdom, married with four kids. As I speak, they can see everything going on now sir.” – she said. No! they can’t see me, I’m in Christ – I replied. We prayed and commenced a deliverance session, she began  to manifest, it was a serious one. She had a high ranked position in their World but God gave us victory, she was totally delivered, her deliverance started with a willingness to be delivered.

After the deliverance session, I sat her down to give her brief teaching  on what she must do to maintain her deliverance. I asked her a few questions. I can see you are a high ranked person in the marine kingdom, she nodded in affirmation. I asked her, how do you get your lawful captives?, she replied “Oh, that is simple, the Marine kingdom is a very calculative and strategic kingdom, we get our prey into a position where we have legal access to their lives, and it is only on the premise of mercy that God can deliver them.

Demonic Gift

One of the cheap channels through which marine kingdom get their captive is through gifts, a lot of people seek a breakthrough, promotions, children, prosperity and protection from Marine priest, a lot of people enter into covenant with marine kingdom. Some people even go as far as naming their kids after the Marine goddess and pledging to give their children to be married to the son and daughter of the river goddess. This is one of the many reasons why many people are not married today, they have been dedicated to the Marine kingdom.

In 2nd king 5;1-19, contains the narration of the healing of Naaman; Naaman, captain of the army of the king of Aram, was a great man with his master. He was highly esteemed  because by him the LORD had given victory to Aram. Naaman  was a valiant warrior, but he wasa leper. The name ‘Naaman’ comes from the Hebrew verb naem,‘be delightful, pleasant, beautiful’. It has the idea of ‘gracious’ or ‘well-formed’. Because of the significance of names in the Scripture, this tells us something about the man.

His name suggests that he had undoubtedly been a handsome man, at least before the leprosy. This implies  that he was also a gracious and delightful man. But his name became a reproach and a striking contrast to his appearance and probably also to his sickness. This  paints a striking picture of MAN, beautifully created both physically and spiritually in God’s image before sin entered.

For further clarity, below are the details of Naaman:

(1) His position. He was the  “captain of the army of the King of Aram.” This means he was the General of the Syrian or the Aramean Army, second in command to the King. He was a man of great authority and position.

(2) His popularity and prestige. This is noted in the words, “a great man with his master, and highly respected…” Here was a popular man. He was a national hero as the general who had been victorious over the enemies of the nation of Aram. Upon his head were the laurels or wreaths of victory and upon his chest, medals of honor, and valor. But would you also note the biblical perspective and truth regarding the source of victory and valor; it is the sovereign plan and power of God.

He was a man whom God had used as He had Pharaoh and the Kings of Assyria and Babylon. Here again we see how the Lord uses the saved and unsaved alike to carry out His purposes and plans. But being so used does not save a person.

(3) His problem. He was a Leper. “But he was,” italicized in the NASB, is not in the Hebrew text. In the original Hebrew text we find only the word ‘leprous’, which highlights or emphasizes Naaman’s problem–the dreaded disease of leprosy.

From the profile of Naaman, one can easily deduce that he was a great man indeed.  However, there was a but in his life that He had tried all means to solve which had become an insurmountable mountain.

Truly, Namaan held a high position but had a very great problem. 2 Now the Arameans had gone out in bands and had taken captive a little girl from the land of Israel, and she waited on Naaman’s wife. 3 And she said to her mistress, “I wish that my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria then he would cure him of his leprosy.”

God worked through the unrighteous deeds of Naaman’s own army to bring this little slave girl into his own home to be the instrument of God’s Love. Though small, weak, and insignificant, this little girl knew the omnipotent and sovereign Lord of the universe with whom there is healing.She was willing to point others to the most significant Being of the universe, YAHWEH OF ISRAEL, who alone could cure Naaman’s disease. Why do you suppose Naaman listened to her? After all, what could a slave know? May I suggest that he listened because perhaps her life spoke volumes. Her life had been such a testimony that it gave credibility to her words.  I want to point something serious to us about the demonic gift.

4 And Naaman went in and told his master, saying, “Thus and thus spoke the girl who is from the land of Israel.” 5 Then the king of Aram said, “Go now, and I will send a letter to the king of Israel.” And he departed and took with him ten talents of silver and six thousand shekels of gold and ten changes of clothes. 6 And he brought the letter to the king of Israel, saying, “And now as this letter comes to you, behold, I have sent Naaman my servant to you, that you may cure him of his leprosy.” 7 And it came about when the king of Israel read the letter, that he tore his clothes and said, “Am I God, to kill and to make alive, that this man is sending word to me to cure a man of his leprosy? But consider now and see how he is seeking a quarrel against me.”

Naaman informed his superior, he wanted to use influence and position, the king of Syrian wrote to the kingdom of Israel. Please do well to read other portion of the story. I just want to point out few things ; Naaman was a very fetish man, while he was preparing to come to the city of Israel to consult prophet Elisha, he brought lots of gift items and took them to the altar of the god of the Syrians.

Naaman, made some demonic incantation on the item, saying whomsoever, receives the gift item shall carry is leprous (That’s their custom). This, prophet Elisha saw from his bedroom which resulted in his refusal to come out of his room to attend to the influential general, having seen the intent of his heart. Ghehazi was the intermediary between both parties. Naaman at arrival, requested to see Elisha, the request was declined, rather than Elisha coming, he sent a prophetic instruction through is servant Ghehazi.

The instruction was too ridiculing for him, considering is pedigree and status quo in society, but the little maid, in the company of naaman encouraged him to just obey and do that which was instructed of the Lord through his servant. To cut the story short , Naaman was miraculously healed, yet he still went ahead to present, the ‘’demonic gift’’ he came with for the man of God. Elisha the prophet refused the gift, knowing too well, it was a demonic gift.Ghehazi went behind, accosted Naaman, and collected the demonic gift. Ghehazi thought he was collecting a gift, he never knew, he was collecting leprosy. A Demonic gift is a system marine kingdom explore to get their prey cheaply, they advance this agenda in season and moment, where people can least expect. Mostly, festive and celebration periods such as naming, valentine and wedding ceremony.

Live Experience.

A couple was presented with bread as a wedding gift, unknown to them, the bread was directly from the coven of marine kingdom. After the whole ceremony, the bride was famished and was searching for what to eat, the only thing she could lay her hands on was the bread. She made tea and ate the bread. As soon as the bread entered into her system, the bread blocked her womb. She became barren for so many years.

Until one glorious day, she was invited for a prayer program. The power of God came upon her and she vomited the bread, the bread was still very fresh. Immediately after her deliverance, she conceived and put to bed to the glory of God. There are people who have a connection to this dreaded kingdom, because of ancestral dedication. Here is the story of this daughter of Zion.

Live Experience

After reading chapter two of your book on ‘Marine powers’.  I want to share my personal experience with you. On the 4th of August last year, after my midnight prayers, I slept and had a dream. In the dream I saw a line of water, like where someone poured a cup of water away. From that line of water, I saw something swimming towards me, when it got to me, it suddenly transformed into a beautiful woman, she was half fish-half woman. She had very long hair touching her waist. She was with a company of two girls. She greeted me and was about to introduce herself, I told her not to, that I know her, that she is one of the fallen angels, who was driven out of heaven and built her Kingdom in the ocean.

The moment I told her of all of these, her countenance changed and her beauty disappeared. I also made her understand, that the two girls with her, were the fruits of her seed with physical men. The girls were unlike her in body physique, they had a complete human body. After telling her this fact about her person, she responded by saying, she brought me a gift.  I told her, I don’t need her gift and more so, I don’t want to have anything to do with her. I know your Gift is ‘give and take’.

If I oblige, you will surely, demand something in return, something more than I can give. In her attempt to seduce me with the gift she opened her hands, lo and behold, there was money in them. I looked and saw my two boys by my side, they were excited about the money, they collected the money and stocked the money into my hands. I was very angry with them, I told them, I never wanted that money to end up in my hands, as soon as the money was stocked in my hands, she turned and returned back to the sea. But, as the lord will have his way and show up for my deliverance.

One of  the girls she came with, came closer to me and ask about her mother, I needed to look for away around, returning back the ‘Demonic money gift’ back to her. Oh, Your mum, she just left, but you see this money with me belongs to her, please take it from me and give it to her. She transformed into their normal mermaid posture, swim with the money to join her mother. As she began swimming, the line of water turned into a big ocean, I could not see the beginning from the end, but across the ocean, I saw my first-born son, whom I covenanted to the Lord when I was pregnant of Him.  I and my husband, agreed, to name him PAUL, if turns out to be a male child. Above all, the lord should use him for his glory.

This is was how the Lord, delivered her and the family from becoming lawful of marine kingdom through the gift. Although not all gifts are demonic, necessity and responsibility are placed on us to be on our watch, and prayerfully discern the gifts items we collect, in order to avoid gifts coming from demonic bases of hell. A lot of firebrand preachers have received gift items of this magnitude because of their carelessness and desperation for wealth.

This might interest you; do you know the same prophet Elisha that rejected, the gift of Naaman, collected the gift of hazael. In 2nd Kings 8:7-9; 7 Then Elisha came to Damascus while Ben-hadad king of Aram was sick, and the king was told, “The man of God has come here.” 8 So the king said to Hazael, “Take a gift in your hand, go to meet the man of God, and inquire of the LORD through him, ‘Will I recover from this illness?’” 9 So Hazael went to meet Elisha, taking with him a gift of forty camel loads of every good thing from Damascus. And he went in and stood before him and said, “Your son Ben-hadad king of Aram has sent me to ask, ‘Will I recover from this illness?

Nevertheless, the Marine kingdom still uses ‘demonic gift Item’ to get their prey. Don’t be deceived, neither should you fall for it, when it comes to spiritual matters, you must be extremely sensitive. There is serious demonic invasion everywhere, there is nowhere these Marine agents cannot be found now. That a gift is coming from the church or a member of the church does not authenticate  it is a good gift, you must prayerfully discern any gift items.

A lot of careless and non-discerning believers, as received afflictions, sicknesses and diseases through gifts, thought they received gift items but otherwise was the case! If you are in possession of any demonic gift, that is causing misfortune,  may the stronghold of the gift over your life be broken in Jesus name.emember this, Marine agents like to give gifts a lot, they are dangerous givers. Their gifts are demonized and meant to quench the fire and the light of God in you, Your prayer life will begin to dwindle as you keep receiving it, then when you are at zero levels, it becomes easy for them to capture you.

Sexual Intercourse

Another means the young lady told me during the counseling section was ‘Sexual Intercourse’. No wonder, the scripture admonishes every believer in 1 Peter 2:11, “Dearly beloved, I beseech [you] as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against your soul.”

With the rate at which immorality is growing in the world today even  among believers, one would begin to wonder what is going on. The goddess of beauty knows very well that humans don’t understand the mystery surrounding sexual sins. She has therefore devised a way to come into the church to pollute the temple of God. God hates immoralities, sexual sin weakens the Spirit Man and is the fastest way any believer can be made powerless.

The marine kingdom knows  and employs this strategy seriously. In Proverbs 6: 26: “For by means of a harlot A man is reduced to a crust of bread; And [a]an adulteress will prey upon his precious life.” When Balaam could not curse the children of Israel, he gave Balak great counsel to lure the Israelites into sexual sin. (Numbers 24,25). This kingdom know too well those who engage in sexual sins don’t count in the realm of the spirit, they lack the authority and boldness to confront the kingdom of darkness in warfare or setting their captives free.

That is why you see so many pastors preaching against deliverance or warfare prayers, claiming we are free when we became born again. We have so many agents of the marine world in our churches today as members and ministers of the Gospel. This is the reason some can boldly preach that masturbation is not a sin or fornication will not take one to hell, you see many males who now jerry curl their hair, allowing transparent and indecent dressings in the house of God. All is to promote immoralities in minds and actions, We are simply in the end time!

In Prover 7:32-33, 32 But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth destroyeth his own soul. 33 A wound and dishonour shall he get, and his reproach shall not be wiped away.

The mission of the marine world is to render the church powerless through sexual immoralities so that they can finally take over the earth and control it. The push to legalize homosexuality is one step to it. When that is accepted worldwide, they will now push their last agenda of ‘bestiality’. The church must wake up and fight against this marine kingdom in our churches. The devil knows so well that sex is like a ritual, a spiritual one for that matter, sex invokes the supernatural into the natural, it invokes the spirit and blessings of God, when done legally and demon and bondage when done illegally. The following are the strategies they use in capturing both ministers and believers into their kingdom:

Live Experience

A young man  contacted me online, after reading my article on the Marine kingdom. Read his encounter with a marine lady; “I entered a park in search of a car (bus) going to Aba (a city in Nigeria). I was able to get a bus going to my direction, as a matter of fact, I was the first person in the car, I sat at the front seat with my luggage by side. While alone in the car, a lady approached me and requested for financial assistance. According to her, she was stranded and needed a little raise to pay for her bus ticket fee. I oblige to assist, she is very polite and very eloquent.

I never knew I was interacting with a Marine agent. No one would ever suspect; she looks very decent and appeared as though she was married. After making payment for her ticket, she boarded the vehicle, I was already seated, she sat next to me at the front seat. In no time, we started talking. She was very friendly, cool and lovely. She engaged me in the discussion, explaining, where she was coming from and how she later ran of cash.

During the discussion, she did a formal introduction of herself and collected my phone number. She asked for my info and asked where my final destination was. I told her. Few minutes, after a long silence, she requested we both stopped over and lodged in a hotel, on the ground, that’s was already late. It was bizarre, I didn’t respond. She further pressed, I told her, let us just be patient and see how things unfold. I later consented; it was no longer safe to continue the journey. I was careless, I did not pick the red flag, the driver at a point, told the lady, they have gotten to her bus stop, she pretended as though she was asleep. We alighted from the car to get a hotel. We finally got a hotel but I was not having cash, I needed to make withdrawals, upon arrival, we both sat at the bar, she asked, if I take alcohol  I said no, she requested, I buy for her.

I bought for her. After dinner, as we entered, the room she rushed me to the bed (though, before we got to our destination that evening, she has been touching me roughly to arouse me sexually). It was very intense; I fell into sexual sin. It was after the act; her identity was revealed. It was already too late. I knew, I was in serious trouble.

He contacted me through our internet page, I sent him a compilation of our prayer booklet, which is in one of the chapters of this book. He diligently obeyed the instructions and prayed the prayers. God was merciful to him, he was delivered. Today, He is serving the Lord.

Ancestral Idolatry

If you reside in a riverine area or you come from there, you need to be prayerful. Just as we have mermaids, we also have mermen. God had to disgrace the water spirit in Egypt. He killed the fish that the Egyptians worshipped as gods. Before the purpose of God could be established in many areas, water spirit has to be dealt with, many nations and lives will not advance unless this is dealt with.

Our forefathers used to worship water spirits, Some even call them their spirit wives and spirit husbands, they gave them names. The Yorubas call it ‘Yemoja’, the mother of the children of fish. The Benins call it ‘Olokun’, the owner of the Atlantic, some people call it ‘Ebo’, the owner of the sea. These kinds of things show that our forefathers worshipped them and these evil spirits dealt with them.

You do not expect them to leave you alone if you come from these places or families that are involved in their worship. In riverine areas, there is a lot of sexual loosenesses. A lot of kings have an agreement with water spirits, they manipulate nations. A prototype of the kingdom of earth is also found under the sea. Nigeria has two rivers; The River Niger and River Benue. A lot of lives have perished in these rivers. Sometimes when contractors are working on River Niger, you would hear them say, “One nail has fallen down.” They are referring to a human being that had been swallowed by the powers in the river, they magnetize vehicles traveling on bridges. I read about the story of somebody, who went down into the river and was thrown out after six months.

The vehicle he was traveling in plunged into a river and everybody in it died except him. All the while he was there, they did not give him their kind of food, his deliverance was something else. He did it 25 times. In Mark 5, when Jesus delivered the man called Legion, the evil spirits begged to be sent into the swine and from the swine they ran back into the sea which was their place of origin.

There is a very strong link between ancestral spirits and water spirit. Some of our forefathers had powerful charms that enabled them to dive into the river and came out with their clothes still dry. If God opens your spiritual eyes, you would see a lot of virtues of people buried in the bottom of the sea, It is very sad. Up till now, in some places, when a child is born, he is taken to the river and given some of the water to drink as a rite. So right from day one, he gets initiated. Before you could find somebody from a riverine place who has a stable home, who is the husband of one wife, or the wife of one husband, and he or she is not a fornicator, or an adulterer, he or she must have been specially baptized with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Water spirits cause people to be polygamous and promiscuous. Here is another platform through which people become lawful captives

Live Experience

About a year ago, a lady contacted me and explained her ordeals, how she and her older siblings have been battling with spirt husband. According to her narration, they have visited several places, in pursuit for a solution but all to no avail. In fact, the last person they contacted was requested for a huge sum of amount of money to appease the goddess and the spirit husband.

It was big trouble for her, she was a born-again Christian, a very vibrant and committed worker in her church of worship. To crown, it all she was a virgin, she has never had intimacy with any man on earth. After her narration, I first commend her and appreciated the almighty God for keeping her whole and then shared a few testimonies of brethren with similar experiences in time past and how the Lord delivered them. She became very encouraged afterwards, I gave her the prayer booklet, which is in chapter four of this book. She made a profound statement, worthy of note, she said my parents were worshippers of the river goddess.

Herbalists & Native Doctors

Another means of becoming a lawful captive of the marine kingdom is by visiting herbalists and native doctors. If you have ever visited an herbalist or a native doctor and had the following experience, this is the implication of your experience;

  • If you have ever visited an herbalist or native doctor and you were asked to place money on their demonic altar and you did, you have parted ways with your heaven ordain prosperity, you might never rise again financially in life.
  • If you were given soap to bath with, and you did, you have washed away all the glory and the goodness of your life
  • If you were given incense to spray at home and you did, you have invoked higher demon into your life.
  • If you were given an egg to speak to, and you did, you have given off all children in your loins
  • If you were asked to make a sacrifice, and you did, you have submitted your life to the rulership of the devil.
  • If you ever allow an herbalist to make an incision on your body either for protection or breakthrough, you sold your soul to the devil.

It is important I emphasize that, there are many pastors operating as herbalists, never fall a cheap prey. There are many herbalists on suits, who call themselves men of God, Be well guided. These events are expected attributes of the end-time. A lot of believers have fallen into the den of marine kingdom through this avenue, We must watch and pray.

Live Experience

In one of our prayer meetings, the Lord began to speak to us through his word, opportunities were given to brethren to share their experience in the light of the discussion. A brother lifted up his hands, to share with the house, his experience in the light of the discussion. He said, many years ago, one of his close friend lost the mother, everyone was suspicious about the death and felt the death was not normal. After the burial, a pastor sent for the son to come over and see him, he will like to share with him, what the lord was showing him as regards the mother’s death.

The son was reluctant and skeptical about the whole thing. He called me and pleaded that the brother goes with him to visit the pastor. I (the brother) agreed to go with him, we picked a day and went to see the man of God, when we got to the venue, we met with him, the pastor looked at me and began to prophesy, I was a novice, just growing up in the lord, I really didn’t know much as now.

The pastor gave me a native drink called “Agbo” in Yoruba. Thereafter, He took me to a river to bath me, I was so naïve. It took me nights of prayer vigils and fasting to regain myself from that encounter.You can imagine, the experience of this brother, this is how a lot of people became lawful captives. I was told the story of a young Christian sister, who went to see a Muslim cleric. She had a spiritual challenge, she couldn’t wait on the Lord any longer . So,she resorted to visiting the Islamic clergy who told her, the way out is for both of them to have sexual intercourse after which  the battle will end. She accepted and slept him, after the act, the battle worsened.

Below are other means through which one can become a lawful captive:

  • Polygamy: There is no way a man would marry many wives and some of them would not be possessed with marine spirit. The fact that the man is polygamous is enough evidence that he has a problem with marine spirit.
  • Environmental Pollution: When you live in a riverine area and you do not pray hard, you would get polluted.
  • Seeking Fruit of The Womb from The Marine World: These powers may give you a child but it would certainly be one from the kingdom of darkness. Children gotten by this means eventually kill their parents.
  • Family Idols: Many idol worshippers consult water spirits.
  • Rituals and Sacrifice: A person gets polluted through these means.
  • Direct Attack Through Marine Powers Recruitment Exercise: These powers have agents all over the place initiating people through materials like jewelry, clothing, attachments, etc.
  • Parents that Are marine agents: Children born of such parents would be polluted.
  • Initiation by Friends: If you have friends who are possessed with water spirit, they will initiate you easily through food, clothes, etc.
  • Bathing by the river on the recommendations of a so-called prophet.
  • Night Parties: It is not everyone you see at night parties that are normal human beings. Many young people have been destroyed in disco halls because they danced and got involved with water spirits, without knowing.
  • Satanically inspired music: Many musicians get their inspiration from water spirits. Believer, must be very careful. The way some dancers perform clearly indicates where they come from.
  • Sharing cloths with marine agents: Believers must be careful who they borrow things from.
  • Food Pollution: They pollute people through food.
  •  Attending Marine Festivals.
  • Visiting Rivers or Streams for Cultural Reasons.
  • Satanically Inspired Dance.

A person that has been polluted by marine powers would find it hard to practice Christianity because reading the bible would be difficult, praying would be hard work, and fasting too, would be difficult. People possessed with water spirit have a spirit of anger. They dream about water. They find it difficult to settle down in marriage. Uncontrollable sexual urge, hindrances to progress, etc are also symptoms of marine pollution. I trust the lord chapter four is going to address a lot.

Tangible Signs Of Marine Involvement:

1. Constant swimming in the dream.

2. Playing with snakes in the dream.

3. Constant crossing of rivers with boat or from a bridge in the dream.

4. Excessive Pride.

5. Excessive fear of physical rivers.

6. Imagining the presence of a snake when alone.

7. Constant disappearance of one’s personal effects.

8. Excessive Stubbornness.

9. Easily irritated (excessive angriness).

10. Thoughts of death. And suicide

11. wearing of ornaments whose sources one cannot explain how about.

12. Sadness state without any cause. Etc.

Ways to deal with Marine kingdom

1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior

2. Live a holy life

3. Break Dedication

4. Engage in warfare prayers

Ojo Peter Korede is a strong pursuer of God, a man with an Apostolic-Revival Mandate to set the ''heart of men ablaze for God''. He is a dynamic man of God graced by the lord with multiple abilities and gifting. A crusader, Missionary, Evangelist and conference Speaker with strong burden for souls. He currently runs diverse Apostolic meeting inspired and led by the lord towards achieving the central mandate. He is the founder of Revival city christian Network Int'l and Give the gospel a voice Outreach Int'l.

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