I want to thank the lord for the salvation of my soul, I want testify to the goodness of the lord in my life, I joined the deliverance prayer room platform and participated in the daily raising army prayers connecting with God's servant Apostle Ojo peter. I was trusting the lord for the healing of a family member having heart disease. I want thank God today, God has completely healed him today of that heart issues, I want to return all glory to God.
Faleye oladele
The lord has been so good to me, I was attacked spiritually and was trusting the lord almighty for supernatural intervention. I went online to search for help, there i came in contact with an article with title '' Victory over marine kingdom'' written by Apostle OjoPeter korede. I read and saw his direct contact. I called him, before then i was heavily pregnant but the pregnancy was not showing anything inside, Doctors said, it was fibroid, immediately after prayers. I vomited and that was the end of the attack. Today, I am free and BABY COMFIRMED. To GOD alone be the glory.
Cote diovre
I want to return all the glory to the lord; my testimony is a dual testimony but i will start with the heavy one. I am one of the committed follower of Apostle Ojo Peter korede, ministry here in Nigeria. I honor the grace of the lord upon his life. Apostle usually organize monthly twelve hours prayers from 6pm to 6am. I skipped three editions, I was attending family vigil with my family members, in one of the vigil, the lord opened my eyes and I saw an angel carrying a baby. I looked at my sister waiting upon the lord for 15 years. I told her want i saw and what she must do. She obeyed, today 15 years waiting terminated, she is awaiting the arrival of the baby, she is four month heavy! Secondly, In the last edition of prayer rain, ''Night of Mandate'' Apostle made a prophetic decree, every owing you money shall pay you before the closure of the year! I tell you the fulfilment of prophesy started with me. I blessed the name of the lord.
SIS Chinonye Nwachukwu
4.I want to appreciate the name of the lord for what he did in my life. In one of the edition of prayer rain, Apostle mentioned my case; he said the name enemies as designed me to have missing script in my forth coming post jamb. He asked me to get my exams materials and bring them for prayers. I wrote the post jamb, I passed and to the glory of God. I have been admitted into the university to study accountancy. I also want to thank the lord for spiritual growth, everything about my life has changed since, I became a member of Revival city christian network int'l.
Obatola Idowu
I attended a service, Apostle ministered, Apostle raised a prayer point '' EVERY SATANIC NAIL THAT HAS BEEN USED TO NAIL DOWN MY WOMB, I uproot you by fire'' I had a divine encounter in my dream last night it was extra ordinary, I brought out a bottle tighed with a rope from my womb last night in my dream and it look old and dirty I woke up with so much joy. In that dream I was just saying no wonder I have not been able to conceive and I woke up. God still Answer Prayers!
Sis Dominic
. I am sharing this testimony on behalf of a friend, My friend told me she was going to General hospital for treatment, she returned, unhappy, i tried to find what the problem was, she finally told me, she was diagnose of ovarian issue and as it is, she does not have money for treatment. I then told her, well, I am going to prayer rain tonight, we you follow me. Let's go and pray and trust the lord together. As the Prayer was ongoing, Apostle gave a word of knowledge, there is lady, you are having issue with you private part, check the lord has healed you. She was healed that very night at the prayer. I give God all the glory!
Bro Dominic