What is the meaning of my dream part 1.

Apostle Ojo Peter Korede

Apostle Ojo Peter Korede

Here are some dreams that you might be having and lack understanding. Below are the meanings

Car Brakes Don’t Work

Means the enemy is trying to take control of a certain area in your life. Your destiny is under attack. You have to resist this using the Word of God and prayer. You should cancel the dream as soon as you wake up and pray that the heavenly mechanics would repair the brakes of your vehicle and ask the Holy Spirit to take charge in Jesus’ name.

Person Who Passed Away Takes Something From You

Means there is a spiritual link that you need to break. The enemy is using that link as a conduit to siphon your virtues and blessings. If the person is a relative, it means you have ancestral evil linkages to deal with. You can pray “I recover my virtues from the land of the dead, and i cut every ancestral evil linkage with the sword of the Lord in the name of Jesus.”

Being Arrested

Means you have fallen into the trap of the spirits which engineer bondage and captivity. You need to rise up with holy anger and pray like this: “I release myself from every satanic cage or prison in the Name of Jesus. I bind the arresters in the dream and i release the hornets of the Lord against them. O Lord, despatch your angels of war to hunt down my captors and take my captivity captive in the Name of Jesus.

Wandering Around In a Bush

Means the spirit of confusion is at work in your life. You will not be able to focus on anything and do it well. Confusion will be the order of the day. You need the bind the spirit of confusion. Ask the Lord to send his angelic dispatch riders to take you out of the maze of confusion.

Bulls or Cows Chasing You

Means that witchcraft spirits are after you. Ungodly dream interpreters will tell you cows signify good time coming. That’s a big lie. If you find cows coming after you in the dream, you better wake up and pray. Bind every spirit of witchcraft and release the fire of the Lord to burn them to ashes in Jesus’ Name. And learn to be sensitive to what’s going on in your environment.

Scorpion Attacking You

Means that you are up against very wicked and aggressive enemies. They will stop at nothing to destroy. Rise up and declare war against visible and invisible enemies. Pray like this. “Thunder of God, scatter every satanic army assigned against my life in the Name of Jesus.”

Lost Your Clothes and Not Able To Find Them

Before you woke up means spiritual robbers are working against you, and the end result is shame and demotion, unless you take action now. When you wake up, send the angels of God on assignment to recover what you’ve lost. Ask the Holy Spirit to arrest those responsible. Ask for the garment of honor and glory from the Lord.

Walking Around Barefoot

Means shame, demotion and hardship. Pray and destroy the powers assigned to monitor your life and report back to your enemies. Bind the spirits of shame and poverty. Release the fire of God against them. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

Flood Carrying Your Things Away

Means that evil consultants have been engaged to fight you. By evil consultants I mean psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, sorcerers, enchanters, magicians, etc… Their specific assignment is to destroy or transfer your virtues and replace them with trouble, tribulation and hardship. You will do well to learn how to battle against these things through violent prayer. A great prayer point is “O altar of perpetual destruction set up against me, be destroyed by the earthquake of the Almighty in the Name of Jesus.” You can also pray that the Lord should turn every evil counsel against you to foolishness.

Seeing Yourself Flying

Means you have been initiated into witchcraft, whether you know it or not, whether you’ve agreed to it or not. Some people inherit this wicked spirit from their parents and have no idea that they are blind witches. The solution is to look for an anointed Christian ministry that understands how to set people free from this type of thing. Five minute prayers will not be enough to do a thorough job here. As Jesus said, “this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting.” It is a stubborn spirit.

Being Arraigned Before a Judge

Means someone is placing curses on you. Here’s where you need to know your scripture. The Bible says, “No one can curse whom the Lord has blessed.” And ” a curse causeless shall not come.” Armed with these scriptures you pray “I cancel and nullify every curse placed upon me in the Name of Jesus. I arrest every spirit assigned to enforce curses upon my life in the Name of Jesus. I destroy their assignment by the power in the blood of Jesus. I declare that I am the blessed of the Lord. No one can curse whom the Lord has blessed.” This is powerful stuff and it works.It is scriptural!

Being Driven To an Unknown Destination

Means some other power outside the Holy Spirit is in control of your life, or an area of your life, for evil. Pray for the Holy Spirit to unseat the evil driver. Ask the Lord to forgive you where you have rebelled against Him, and opened the door for the enemy.

Surrounded By Bees

Means you are under attack by strong, highly organised enemies that will stop at nothing to destroy you. Release the fire of God to burn them to ashes, through aggressive and persistent prayer. That means pray against them every night until you see a sign of their defeat.

Doors Closing Before You Enter

Means the spirit of Pisgah is after you. This is the spirit of “almost there.” It makes people to fail at the edge of their breakthroughs or miracles. It is a vagabond spirit. It led the children of Israel wandering in the desert for 40 straight years. You need all the spiritual ammunition you can gather against this one. More on this one later.

Seeing Birds Following You

Means you are being monitored. Especially if it is a black bird. You are being observed and monitored for evil. You pray “Every evil observer, be roasted by the fire of God, in Jesus Name”. If you are not familiar with what it means to be roasted, you need to take a reading tour of Jeremiah. He used to pray certain enemies should be roasted. Meaning the fire of God should burn them to ashes. Remember, the Bible says that God is a consuming fire. See where that came from.

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Falling Into a Pit

Means you are on a journey to spiritual slavery and captivity. Though you might be walking around in the physical free, if you see yourself in a pit in the dream, you have already been sold into slavery. And those responsible are those who are close to you. Maybe members of your family, either living or dead, or workplace enemies posing as friends. Or even church members. Remember Joseph in the bible. Remember the prophet Jeremiah. In both cases, it was envy and jealousy at work. They were both cast into the pit. You pray: ” O Lord, send your angelic hosts to rescue me from the pit in Jesus name”. Then you begin to declare like David in Psalm 40:2. He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings”

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Ojo Peter Korede is a strong pursuer of God, a man with an Apostolic-Revival Mandate to set the ''heart of men ablaze for God''. He is a dynamic man of God graced by the lord with multiple abilities and gifting. A crusader, Missionary, Evangelist and conference Speaker with strong burden for souls. He currently runs diverse Apostolic meeting inspired and led by the lord towards achieving the central mandate. He is the founder of Revival city christian Network Int'l and Give the gospel a voice Outreach Int'l.

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